5 Resources to learn react native in 2017

By w s / July 19, 2017
React native

With so many resources to learn react native, it is very difficult to single out the good courses apart from the average ones.

To help learning react native in a structured manner, here’s a list of some of the best resources you can find to learn react native today.

1. Getting started in react native website

First things first is to try installing and running react native in your machine. The best starting point for this is nothing other than react native’s own getting started guide.

It should take you a few minutes to get up and running with react native.


2. Learn react native fundamentals in egghead.io

React native fundamentals course goes through the details of different components that can be found in react native package.



This course gently cruises through how to fetch external data to use with your react native app, how to handle routing of scenes in your app all the way to creating a small application in react native.


3. React native with exponent on pluralsight

Exponent is a service that allows you to build react native application and test it directly in your phone.



This pluralsight course is an interesting course that goes through react native and exponent. On top of creating an app in exponent, this course also covers redux usage in your react native application.


4. React native and redux in udemy

This is a more advanced course that utilises redux in your react native app.



This course will guide you through handling authentication in react native, tapping into the power of redux, how to store application states inside redux store and wrangling with data retrieved from external service.


5. React native course in frontend masters

A complete course consisting of 8 separate topics that will ensure you understand everything around creating a complete application.

frontend masters

Frontend masters

From react overview, styling in react native, dealing with asynchronous data, utilising redux all the way to UI components in react native; this course is a must if you want to be an expert react native developer!

6. Bonus – curated list of react native libraries, tools, tutorials, articles!

With the learning out of the way, check out an awesome list of curated react native components, tutorials and frameworks created by the open source community at awesome-react-native.


And that’s it, these are the top resources that will get you running with react native in no time! Let me know in the comment if you know other resources that helps you a lot in learning and utilising react native 😉