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Create a Horizontal List in React Native

By w s / September 18, 2017

As mobile app users, we love to see some diversity in how elements are being rendered in the app. One way of presenting a list of items is through the use of horizontally rendered list of cards. Spotify is one of the application that successfully uses this pattern. Let’s go through a short tutorial to […]


Migrating React Native ListView to new FlatList – Infinite Scroll

By w s / August 9, 2017

I’ve written how to create an infinite scroll using ListView before. However, redditor reminded me that there are new interfaces to deal with list view when it comes to react native. React native team have simplified wrangling with list component through the introduction of 2 new classes: FlatList SectionList These new list types extend from […]


React Native – creating infinite scroll listview

By w s / July 29, 2017

Thanks to Facebook wall, Twitter, and other apps, we are getting very comfortable with infinite scrolls. With react native, we can easily replicate this in a mobile application. What we are building In this tutorial, we will build a list view with react native that supports infinite scroll. We will use Reddit API as our […]


5 Resources to learn react native in 2017

By w s / July 19, 2017

With so many resources to learn react native, it is very difficult to single out the good courses apart from the average ones. To help learning react native in a structured manner, here’s a list of some of the best resources you can find to learn react native today. 1. Getting started in react native […]


CocoaPods with React Native [iOS]

By w s / July 7, 2017

For mobile apps development in iOS, CocoaPods has become an accepted dependency manager. Some of highly used library have their packages available in CocoaPods. React native comes without CocoaPods built into their installation. Not to worry though, getting CocoaPods into your react native project is really straightforward! Let’s go through the process of adding Fabric for iOS using […]


React Native Analytics with Fabric

By w s / June 26, 2017

React native is a good choice to write cross platform mobile application. Testing and debugging react native applications locally is also quite straightforward. Once we deploy these applications, we definitely want to know how our users is using our application. For web applications, most of the time we are defaulting to google analytics. However, for react native […]


Creating form select component in react native

By w s / June 15, 2017

React native comes with a Picker element out of the box. However, if you try to include this picker element immediately, it may not work really well with your iOS app. Right out of the box, Picker element for iOS will render a full height scroller. Here’s how the picker element look like on its own: […]


UI components libraries for react native

By w s / June 11, 2017

Starting out on a react native project can be a nightmare if we try to create themes and UI components all by yourself. Not only we need to create all kinds of styles for different component, we also need to ensure that it works well and looks good across platform. We sorely needa suite of UI components […]

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