React Native – Differentiating Drawer vs Tab Navigator for Android vs iOS Application

With react native we can build applications easily for both Android and iOS users using an almost “identical” codebase. While this is an advantage, there are design elements that we must take into considerations when designing for both OSes. Navigation element is one of the biggest items to consider in designing application for both OSes. […]

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CocoaPods with React Native [iOS]


For mobile apps development in iOS, CocoaPods has become an accepted dependency manager. Some of highly used library have their packages available in CocoaPods. React native comes without CocoaPods built into their installation. Not to worry though, getting CocoaPods into your react native project is really straightforward! Let’s go through the process of adding Fabric for iOS using […]

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React Native Analytics with Fabric

React native fabric dashboard

React native is a good choice to write cross platform mobile application. Testing and debugging react native applications locally is also quite straightforward. Once we deploy these applications, we definitely want to know how our users is using our application. For web applications, most of the time we are defaulting to google analytics. However, for react native […]

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