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5 Things I Wish I Knew when Starting with Mobile App Development

By w s / June 8, 2017

Starting out with mobile development, I went ahead and implement the functionality that is very similar to the web version of the application. Little did I know that things that are automatically handled for me in the web must be handled manually in mobile. With react-native, we also need to pay attention to the subtle differences […]


3 Ways to Separate iOS vs Android in React Native

By w s / June 6, 2017

Working with react-native, we know that some components will have to be differentiated between iOS and Android. Some of the most common thing that we would need to differentiate are: Navigation component, e.g. drawer in Android and tab bar in iOS. Buttons, e.g. TouchableNativeFeedback  in Android and TouchableOpacity in iOS. Size of the navigation bar, 56 in Android and 64 in […]

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